Privacy Policy

VeyeZER™ Privacy Policy 2023

For customers of VeyeZER and VeyeZER branded desktop, mobile products and services (collectively “VeyeZER”), below is information about how VeyeZER collects and uses your information.

What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” means data that identifies you and is associated with a specific person. Personal information does not include information that is anonymous and aggregated or is no longer identifiable to a specific person (i.e. de-identified).

Information We Collect

VeyeZER collects information which is related to application data necessary to run the application. This data falls in the category of Login Data – Email Address as User ID and an associated password. This information is used within the application only and is not shared in any way. The User ID and password are authenticated to the user’s VeyeZER account, which is created on the web portal application belonging to VeyeZER.

All textual or personal patient information displayed within the application is retrieved with the permission of the VeyeZER Account owner.

Any response data which is collected within the application is sent to VeyeZER’s web portal under the authority of the VeyeZER Account owner.

A microphone is used within the application in order to process voice commands used in performing program actions. Audio is recorded specifically for the purpose of language translation, as VeyeZER is a multi-lingual application. No data is stored on the headset. Any Recorded data is sent to the VeyeZER Cloud application for processing.
Any data which is collected is solely for use within the VeyeZER application.

No data is sold or shared with any 3rd party vendors.

This application is available for private use only. Application users are allowed access to the HoloLens application, only if they have created a VeyeZER account by installing and subscribing to VeyeZER’s web application.

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